It’s Almost BLOG TOUR Time Again!

I won’t take up much of your time my friends. I’d like to get moving on setting up my blog tour for “The Blue Diamond.”

I’d like to start the tour the week before the book actually launches.

If you are a book blogger, lifestyle blogger or any kind of blogger, and you are interested (I HOPE!) in hosting me on your blog during my tour, please let me know.

I will:

  • Answer questions.
  • Do a guest post.
  • Answer my own questions if necessary.
  • Give you an e-copy of your choice of “The Blue Diamond” as soon as they are ready, if you’d like to give a review.
  • I will donate e-copies to your raffle copter, should you choose to have one.
  • Return the favor.

I’m getting some swag together as well and should have that within the next couple of weeks.

E-mail me at authorpsbartlett at aol dot com. OR Fill out this form.


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