…what’s the ‘right’ age to become an Author?…

I couldn’t agree more!!!

Seumas Gallacher


…the old story goes, ‘…an 800-kg Gorilla’s checking in at the front desk of the Waldorf… what suite does he get?…any bluudy suite he wants!’… I’m not aware of any 800-kg writers, and I’m unclear as to what kinda pull they may have in registering at the Waldorf… but I’m certain their age would never be a deciding factor… in much the same way, the question of what constitutes the ‘right’ age to become an Author is a massive red herring… the reason I bring this up now, is that this ol’ Jurassic has already taken his pension-level free Kamel-pass here in the Middle East… as my comedic God, Billy Connolly, says, ‘recently I reached the landmark age of 60… and even more recently, 65’… I was nudging the triple score birthday-cake event when I first began seriously to consider becoming a proper quill-scraper…


…have I already passed the…

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