Goodreads Listopia – Do You Use It and Does It Help Your Books?

I’ve added The Blue Diamond to a bunch of lists on Goodreads in hopes readers will vote for it and move it up into view. Why not try it I say!

I did this with Fireflies and was fortunate enough to have it go to number one on the Indie Fantasy List for April 2013. It looks quite lovely sitting there at number one but I have no idea if it really helped.

However, if you do use Listopia, do you ask for votes from your readers to move it up the list?

I figure it certainly can’t hurt. Here is the link to my Listopia lists for The Blue Diamond and if you read it when it comes out in two weeks (TWO WEEKS!!!) I’d love your vote, if for no other reason than just for fun!

If you’d like to add The Blue Diamond to your “To Read” list on Goodreads, just click on Ivory below to go the page.



How about that beautiful January Jones up there at the top? She is my dream choice to play Ivory in the movie!

Thank you!

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