My First #Review of Demons & Pearls Is In!

By Dii
This review is from: Demons & Pearls (The Razor’s Adventures Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
You won’t want to miss this swashbuckling pirate tale! Always the family protector, Ivory has taken on the best of the best on the high seas as she and her cousins are kidnapped to be sold into slavery. She has also ticked off a few nasty pirates along the way and her life is in grave danger. Perhaps murdering a pirate captain, deserved or not won’t earn her the respect she craves as a force to be reckoned with. The rules of the sea clearly state she has won the right to be captain of her own ship, really, what young woman doesn’t want to be a pirate? Her first duty would be to stop the brutal manhandling of women, including rape, torture and the selling of their favors. Not so popular a mission in the dark corners of a pirate’s world, because aside from their own code, pirates are soooo honorable, right?

Ivory’s biggest mistake in killing the thieving pirate? He has a brother, who is equally as thieving, murderous and is hell-bent to exact revenge, which IS part of the pirate code. One pirate stands above the rest, literally as well as honorably and Ivory may have met her match in the love department. Will it be enough when the battle at sea begins? Ivory would die to keep her family safe, and it looks like she just may have to…

Action, adventure, strong women, equally strong men, smelly pirates and dirty minds, plus a sword fight or two, thanks to the imagination of P.S. Bartlett and Demons and Pearls. There is never a dull moment as we are settled deeply in the mind, thoughts and actions of Ivory, aka, the Razor! She is tiny, she is tough and she has a heart as big as the Pacific Ocean and she is creating a stir among all pirates, everywhere! Humor, horrendous deeds, heart and a mutiny or two, when will they learn to stay on the good side of The Razor? P.S. Bartlett has outdone herself with this tale! I almost cried when I hit THE END. This one is more than a gem in the treasure chest of reading!

I received this copy from P.S. Bartlett in exchange for my honest review.

Looks Like It’s Time for a Book #Review #Contest!

Since I’m sadly lacking in reviews on both Amazon and Goodreads and especially Amazon verified purchase reviews, I’ve decided a little contest is in order to perhaps help with encouraging my readers to get those reviews in.


I have some very nice canvas book totes and jumbo coffee mugs just sitting around, as well as some Amazon gift cards burning a hole in my account. But here are the rules to enter…

  • Purchase either a Kindle or paperback copy of The Blue Diamond – The Razor’s Edge from Amazon

  • Email me the receipt

  • Read the book

  • Leave a review on Amazon

  • Get a bonus entry for posting your review to both Amazon and Goodreads. 

  • Email me the link to your review(s)

Even if you’ve already purchased and read the book, I’ll accept your receipt.

  • THREE lucky winners will receive a Blue Diamond jumbo coffee mug.

  • THREE lucky winners will receive a Blue Diamond canvas book tote.

  • THREE lucky winners will receive a $10.00 Amazon gift card.

gift card

Winners will be chosen by random drawing.

Contest ends on 11-30-14.

Winners will be announced on 12-1-14.

Email receipts and review links to authorpsbartlett at

Buy the Book HERE:



Thank you for playing!

If you have any questions, please post them below.

If you live outside of the USA and your name is drawn for a tote or mug, I will have to substitute with a gift card as shipping costs are outrageous. Thank you for your understanding.

The #Goodreads Choice Awards Opening Round (Shameless self promotion time!)

I’m definitely a long shot but what the heck right? I’ve voted for my newest book, The Blue Diamond – The Razor’s Edge, in the Historical Fiction as well as the Romance category and you can too!



To vote for The Blue Diamond in Historical Fiction, click HERE.

To vote for The Blue Diamond in Romance, click HERE.

To vote for The Blue Diamond in Listopia, Click HERE.

I still believe as indies, we can win. If you believe it too, then cast your vote.


Another Five Star #Review for The Blue Diamond!

Another wonderful FIVE STAR review! 

This link is to Goodreads. By all means, feel free to follow this link and add The Blue Diamond – The Razor’s Edge to your reading list. 🙂


Stacie’s review Oct 09, 14
5 of 5 stars
bookshelves: reviews

My Review

The Blue Diamond The Razor’s Edge is a compelling story of love, loss and second chances. Ivory is a strong willed and determined pirate who will stop at nothing to protect the ones she loves, but when romance is thrown in the mix anything can happen.

Orphaned at a young age, Ivory is left with only her cousins and their will to survive. They settle into a life on a farm away from the evils of the time, but life has other plans which becomes evident the night pirates arrive.

Transformed into a ruthless pirate, Ivory sails the seas. Her life now filled with adventure and freedom, that is until her ship, The Blue Diamond is attacked. Narrowly escaping with her life, Ivory ends up adrift in the sea until someone plucks her from it. Eluding to a rescue, Captain Carbonale tries to convince Ivory his only desire is to see her survive. Buying none of the pleasantries Captain Carbonale is selling, Ivory demands to be freed. When Carbonale refuses, Ivory finally discovers there is a bounty on her head and Captain Carbonale plan to collect it. Can Ivory escape or will Captain Carbonale win this battle that doesn’t require a pirate ship?

I am a fan of historical fiction as well as of the author, P.S. Bartlett. The Blue Diamond is yet another success as she spins a thrilling tale of adventure and love. The characters and setting are developed in such a way that draws readers in and the quick pace and continual action left me with a need to read on. The Blue Diamond The Razor’s Edge is a well written satisfying read.

I recommend grabbing a copy.

Stacy is a book blogger ( I LOVE HER) and here is a link to her web page:

Anchors Aweigh – NOW AVAILABLE! The Blue Diamond – The Razor’s Edge!

The day has arrived at last!
I give you…
The Blue Diamond – The Razor’s Edge
The Blue Diamond


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Goodreads Listopia – Do You Use It and Does It Help Your Books?

I’ve added The Blue Diamond to a bunch of lists on Goodreads in hopes readers will vote for it and move it up into view. Why not try it I say!

I did this with Fireflies and was fortunate enough to have it go to number one on the Indie Fantasy List for April 2013. It looks quite lovely sitting there at number one but I have no idea if it really helped.

However, if you do use Listopia, do you ask for votes from your readers to move it up the list?

I figure it certainly can’t hurt. Here is the link to my Listopia lists for The Blue Diamond and if you read it when it comes out in two weeks (TWO WEEKS!!!) I’d love your vote, if for no other reason than just for fun!

If you’d like to add The Blue Diamond to your “To Read” list on Goodreads, just click on Ivory below to go the page.



How about that beautiful January Jones up there at the top? She is my dream choice to play Ivory in the movie!

Thank you!

Ouch! That Stings! A Little Bad Review Humor

Like every author I know, I will occasionally peep at Amazon, B&N and Goodreads, just to see if there are any new reviews. When you look and find the number has gone up you’re like…


Once in a while, you regret it. This morning, was one of those regretful visits. I suppose it had to happen again sooner or later.


Reviews are like…well, you know and everybody has one.

Okay, I won’t go there but even after over a hundred reviews, getting a bad one here and there that smacks you hard still stings.

So what do you do? You read it again and again. Every time you read it, you have the same reaction.

You might even feel a little like this…

And then it suddenly hits you…

This is only one person’s opinion. Even Stephen King and JK Rowling got bad reviews.

Be proud of who you are. You are a writer! You are a published author and know, no matter what you write, someone isn’t going to like it. As in the case with the one I saw this morning, they may not even finish the book but that’s alright because…

The best you can do is acknowledge the review and move on.

Hey, you dealt with that sting and got through it first thing in the morning so…

Back to work my friends!!!