Ouch! That Stings! A Little Bad Review Humor

Like every author I know, I will occasionally peep at Amazon, B&N and Goodreads, just to see if there are any new reviews. When you look and find the number has gone up you’re like…


Once in a while, you regret it. This morning, was one of those regretful visits. I suppose it had to happen again sooner or later.


Reviews are like…well, you know and everybody has one.

Okay, I won’t go there but even after over a hundred reviews, getting a bad one here and there that smacks you hard still stings.

So what do you do? You read it again and again. Every time you read it, you have the same reaction.

You might even feel a little like this…

And then it suddenly hits you…

This is only one person’s opinion. Even Stephen King and JK Rowling got bad reviews.

Be proud of who you are. You are a writer! You are a published author and know, no matter what you write, someone isn’t going to like it. As in the case with the one I saw this morning, they may not even finish the book but that’s alright because…

The best you can do is acknowledge the review and move on.

Hey, you dealt with that sting and got through it first thing in the morning so…

Back to work my friends!!!

11 thoughts on “Ouch! That Stings! A Little Bad Review Humor

  1. Lol – the emoticons totally made this post stand out from the other I read about this topic! I’m sorry you had a bad review – or am I? After all, this means that your book is getting read by an increasing number of people, so CONGRATULATIONS on your bad review! Huzzah!

    • Thank you! I wanted to have a laugh about it. That’s my way of getting over things. As you said, it means my books are getting out there and maybe having a chuckle over it will help someone who isn’t as thick skinned as me, see that it isn’t the end of the world. 🙂

      • That’s true! And also, let’s be honest, 1) some people are just plain unhappy and will write mean reviews even without having read your book, and 2) maybe the person didn’t like the genre and decided to take a risk that didn’t pay off – and last, but related, 3) many people do not know the difference between “I didn’t like it because it’s not my style” vs “It was horrible”, and yours is probably the first type. Soooo many reasons for a bad review!

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