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Q&A P.S. Bartlett-The Blue Diamond: THE RAZOR’S EDGE @PSBartlett

Thank you Ronovan for interviewing me for LitWorld. The pleasure was all mine.

Lit World Interviews


The Blue Diamond: THE RAZOR’S EDGE

P.S. Bartlett

Reviews of P.S. Bartlett’s Work

“More and more—whether it be my reaching my mid-40s or as an antidote for all of the flash and flimsiness of so much modern storytelling, I am compelled to tout the value of books like Bartlett’s.”

“Don’t get me wrong, here. This is still a fantasy story, but it is a very different sort of fantasy tale. It holds out a promise of some really interesting stories yet to come from a very promising new writer. If this is just her first book, I am really looking forward to seeing what Bartlett will come up with next!”

“I have just finished reading Fireflies and all I can say is it kept me so interested I had a hard time putting it down.”-auntmir

“Fireflies” is an engaging novel with very likable characters that kept me turning the pages long after…

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