Just for the Heck of It…A Few Things About Me You Didn’t Know

Not that this little open book post will get many views but I thought some of you may want to know a few little known facts about yours truly.

1. I’m the youngest of eleven children. 7 girls and 4 boys. 6 have passed on, as have both of my parents. Here are two of my beautiful sisters who are no longer with me. Our mother sewed all of our Halloween costumes by hand. I believe my sisters were headed to a party. Those were the days.


2. My parents were not rabbits. My father was a dental technician and my mother was a nurse after all of us were raised–although she was a doctor at home of course. I was a Daddy’s girl.

me and daddy

3. I am also an artist.

4. I used to sing quite well and enjoyed musical theater when I was in school. I even played Jan in my high school production of Grease. I was also once a movie extra in the film He Said She Said and met Kevin Bacon. He’s over there in that clump of people.


5. I loved dressing as a pirate, long before Ivory was ever thought of. That’s my brother in law about to relieve me of my head. I’m sure I had it coming.


6. My dream is to write full time and retire from the rat race early (of course) and live by the sea surrounded by fur babies and grandbabies.

8-26-14 3

7. I’m a third generation American. My mother was 100% Welsh and my father was Scotch Irish and English. My mother’s grandparents emigrated from Wales in the late 1800’s. I don’t know much of my father’s lineage except for his nationality.

8. I’ve always had at least one cat. I like dogs but I hate the thought of leaving such a social creature alone all day with my cat.

9. I love to travel and have been able to do quite a bit but I despise flying. My dream trip is to visit England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland. I love the Caribbean though.

sting ray

10. I’d have to say my favorite meal is Thanksgiving dinner because I love eating with my beautiful family all around. I love cooking it too!

11. Bonus! I LOVE Superman. Anything Superman…and I do mean anything. 😉


Okay you bunch of peepers! Goodnight! XOXO

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