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Ivory Shepard didn’t want to be a pirate when she grew up but she didn’t plan on being orphaned and alone at thirteen with her three cousins either. After a Spanish raid in Charles Towne left them with nothing, Ivory held her cousins together, trained them to fight for their lives and led them to a life of quiet refuge on the banks of the Ashley River. Believing they were out of reach of the hands of unscrupulous men, they found life on the farm a tolerable substitute for the traditional alternatives life would force onto them—until the night the pirates showed up. Unfortunately for the pirates, these handy young women were ready, and they weren’t going anywhere without a fight.

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing adventure with amazing women!, December 23, 2015
By beautyandthebooks
This review is from: IVORY DAWN (The Razor’s Adventures) (Kindle Edition)
An amazing start to what can only be more amazing adventures from brave women that I can’t wait dive into! She had me at “pirates”! This is a prequel to the rest of the books in this series about Ivory and her cousins. It had me hooked from the start! Just in this prequel, I could see so clearly how brave, resourceful, witty, determined, and strong these women are! I loved Ivory and her cousins. P.S. Bartlett truly has a gift for storytelling and amazing character development! If it can shine through so extraordinarily in just 20 pages I am so very eager and excited to see what she does in the full length books! I would recommend this to people that love all different genres- action/adventure, pirates, period pieces, historical fiction, thrillers, romance(there was none to speak of in the prequel but in the series) It’s just an all around amazing book! I felt like I was THERE in the story. I felt everything the girls were feeling. It wasn’t just a “read”- it was an experience! This is a book that will be included in my Best Books of 2015! If you’re reading this- I don’t know why you haven’t bought it yet! Go ahead! Yoyre missing an amazing adventure!
*I was provided with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review*
5.0 out of 5 stars Great Book and Introduction!, February 12, 2016
By Alyssa
This review is from: Ivory Dawn: The Razor’s Adventures (Paperback)
You know me, so you know how much I love the covers to this series! I’ve not seen anything like it before. The colors are rich and the pictures, though brief, are amazing! It’s original and speaks volumes to me! Also, the interior of the book is gorgeous. There are illustrations and the fonts perfect for my feeble eyes. Plus’s all around on this.

The story is great as well. Ivory Dawn is an introduction to Demon’s & Pearls, the first novel of the series. Ivory Shepard and her cousins were trying to live a good, quiet life along a river, as farmers. Unfortunately, a group of pirates, headed by Captain Barclay had other plans. Through Ivory’s skills and training given to her cousins, they not only survive the raid but win a spot abroad the Demon Sea, Captain Barclay’s ship.

Ivory Dawn is a brief novella that kicks off my adventure on the high seas. I loved the book and I’m all set to go!

My Beautiful Map of Port Royal and Kingston Jamaica

My beautiful map of Port Royal and Kingston Jamaica, for my soon to be new writing room, “Peggy’s Cove.” This map is dated 1772. Of course it isn’t the original but it’s beautiful.

my map


Check out a little history on the tragic Earthquake that destroyed a great deal of Port Royal in 1692.

I chose this web site not only for the story content but because of the wonderful illustrations.

Pirates of the Caribbean – PORT ROYAL EARTHQUAKE

It was calm in Jamaica the morning of June 7, 1692. According to Edmund Heath’s eyewitness account, “there was no wind stirring” and nothing that made anyone suspicious of the calamity about to befall the island.


Page One – Chapter One – Demons and Jade – The Ivory Razor Adventure Series

I’d like to take a poll but better yet, I’d like to see your comments on the first page of my work in progress; Demons and Jade.

All I want to know (I suppose) is, if you read this first page, would you want to keep going. (?)

I realize this is a dangerous experiment because not everyone is into the whole pirate historical fiction thing but hey, that’s what we writers do, right? We risk it all to tell the stories we want to tell and put ourselves out there, regardless of what may come back. 🙂

If you’ve read The Blue Diamond, then this opening scene will seem very familiar. However, I’ve rewritten the scene to open this book with but in Ivory’s perspective. This scene is crucial to her story as this was the day the Ivory Razor was truly born.

First page only…(Of course as we writers also know, this could end up completely different once the book is published)


Demons and Jade – Book 2 – The Ivory Razor Adventure Series


Had I known the repercussions of murdering the captain of a pirate ship, I may have taken the time necessary to rethink the act. However, as I stood over the bloody, lifeless body of Captain Christopher Barclay, as well as no less than seven of his crew, as usual it was too late to change my mind. Change my mind indeed. As if I had a choice.

As if I’ve ever had a choice that didn’t involve a fight or at the very least, defending myself against some man, hell bent on destroying me or my kin. I must always follow my instincts, regardless of the fallout of my actions and had I not done so, I most certainly would not have lived to see the rest of this unspeakable day.

I pleaded with the man not to kill them all. If he’d have only been more of a man and less a murderous monster, perhaps this day may have ended for him as he lay down at last, safe and whole in his bunk. Alas, this was not to be. Instead the surge of the battle within him overtook his senses and he snatched me by the back of my neck.

“Miss Shepard, take your ladies below. And should these swabs be foolish enough to fight back and God forbid we lose this fight, kill your cousins… and then yourself. Trust me, you’ll not wish to draw breath should that pack of dogs board us.”

“I’ll send them below, but I’ll not pass up the chance at last to show your own pack of dogs who I am.” What the hell was I thinking?
“It’s your pretty head. If the first sight of a sail dropped you, let’s hope you can stay on your feet when they bare their fangs and lunge at your throat.”

“I’ll live Captain. And perhaps you haven’t noticed, but they’re not ladies anymore. Today shall prove that.” We’d spent weeks in rags, cleaning up after pirates, listening to their vile comments and working as virtual slaves in order to secure our passage to Jamaica. Perhaps I’d had enough and was ready for a fight.

Just for the Heck of It…A Few Things About Me You Didn’t Know

Not that this little open book post will get many views but I thought some of you may want to know a few little known facts about yours truly.

1. I’m the youngest of eleven children. 7 girls and 4 boys. 6 have passed on, as have both of my parents. Here are two of my beautiful sisters who are no longer with me. Our mother sewed all of our Halloween costumes by hand. I believe my sisters were headed to a party. Those were the days.


2. My parents were not rabbits. My father was a dental technician and my mother was a nurse after all of us were raised–although she was a doctor at home of course. I was a Daddy’s girl.

me and daddy

3. I am also an artist.

4. I used to sing quite well and enjoyed musical theater when I was in school. I even played Jan in my high school production of Grease. I was also once a movie extra in the film He Said She Said and met Kevin Bacon. He’s over there in that clump of people.


5. I loved dressing as a pirate, long before Ivory was ever thought of. That’s my brother in law about to relieve me of my head. I’m sure I had it coming.


6. My dream is to write full time and retire from the rat race early (of course) and live by the sea surrounded by fur babies and grandbabies.

8-26-14 3

7. I’m a third generation American. My mother was 100% Welsh and my father was Scotch Irish and English. My mother’s grandparents emigrated from Wales in the late 1800’s. I don’t know much of my father’s lineage except for his nationality.

8. I’ve always had at least one cat. I like dogs but I hate the thought of leaving such a social creature alone all day with my cat.

9. I love to travel and have been able to do quite a bit but I despise flying. My dream trip is to visit England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland. I love the Caribbean though.

sting ray

10. I’d have to say my favorite meal is Thanksgiving dinner because I love eating with my beautiful family all around. I love cooking it too!

11. Bonus! I LOVE Superman. Anything Superman…and I do mean anything. 😉


Okay you bunch of peepers! Goodnight! XOXO