Throwback Thursday…Hair Through the Years

I have a love / hate relationship with my hair and I always have.

There have been years when I really didn’t care much about it and just let it grow wild like weeds and years when I fought back against the unruly mess of curls that pours out of my scalp relentlessly at a rate of speed that defies any sense of possible hair follicle production. Since I like themes, this throwback is about the mop on my head that is…my hair.

babyWhen I was born I had black hair but by the time I was three, it was long, smooth and very blond. Awww…right?


I’d say about four or five years old here and I was rocking the pony tails. Until my mother decided I didn’t need them anymore.

Carol BradyBy elementary school, my mother decided I needed to look like Carol Brady. I’m on the left covering my nose. I didn’t like my nose for some reason. The adorable Taylor Swift look-alike is my best friend throughout my childhood, Margie. She had long, shiny Jan Brady hair.

1981I couldn’t find any middle school pictures (perhaps since I may have burned them all) so here as the photo states, is one from high school; 1981 to be exact. The curls have by now invaded my head and show no signs of turning back. As illustrated here…do not brush them.

FarrahSoon after high school I discovered the wonders of round brushes and hair dryers….and Nice ‘N Easy golden blond lol

hulkOh the 80’s. I never did go in for the big 80’s hair but I certainly could have with all of that fluff I had. However, here we have the blown out on top and curly underneath.

80sOkay…I lied a little.

90sJust a few short years later and I was in the let it grow and forget it phase. I did however have the shorter on top style and was still using that round brush and blow dryer to smooth my bangs.

Short and sassyOnward into the 2000’s I decided I was getting too mature for so much hair so I tried this sassy little style for a while. However, it proved to be far too much work and upkeep due to the rate at which my hair grows.

Short and curlySame hair cut as above but like I said…too much work. It’s easier to just let it go natural.

fun to careHere’s a good one I’ll call “Having too much fun to care hair.”

onetoomanyMore having too much fun to care hair…damn paparazzi!

Long and flowyI think there may have been some hot rollers involved in this sleek and sexy coif. No, those aren’t real mustaches…geeze we do wax.

11-2013This is how short my hair was less than a year ago. This was November of 2013. Kinda cute and not too terribly difficult to maintain and keep straight but…

curly versionIt ended up like this after a week or so. It just takes too much time too blow it out every morning.

long curlyFinally…this is pretty much daily, although on this particular day, the mop was behaving itself. This was a few weeks ago.

Everyday2014 and if you were looking at me right now in the real world, THIS is pretty much what you’d see. Don’t get me wrong, for years I’ve heard from people with straight hair how at least I can straighten mine when I want to but they can’t get their hair to hold a curl. I agree and yes, I can flat iron my hair but only on days with near zero humidity and absolutely no chance of precipitation.

I live in Maryland which means there are maybe 30 days a year that I can safely flat iron my hair. πŸ™‚ It really isn’t good for your hair though.

Thanks for taking the trip down hair memory lane. Sometimes it’s kinda fun to make fun ourselves. πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday…Hair Through the Years

  1. Looks like mine!! And in Wisconsin we have about the same number of low humidity days – and all in the winter when it is snowing ridiculously, and then the snow gets in your hair and gets it wet and makes it get all curly again. So there you go!

  2. I’m actually kinda jealous of how wonderfully thick and healthy it looks. You can’t fake that if you weren’t one of the chosen…I’ve tried. As for your choice of styles, I can say my mamas pics from those yrs are exactly the same and she spent hours to achieve it (;

    • It’s amazing that I am not bald from all of the things I’ve done to my poor hair to try and achieve the latest styles. Thankfully, it just grows back with a vengeance. As I’m aging though, the texture is changing so it does require quite a bit more moisture to achieve the full, non-frizzy waves. I’ve tried almost everything but have found Garnier Nutrisse leave in conditioner combined with their no frizz serum (I mix them together) works the best on my crazy mane. πŸ™‚ Thanks for your comment!

      • I’m a real penny pincher myself but I was treated to a real salon dye/cut/style thing once at a real salon and learned a ton from the stylist about my hair and what to do with it. I recommend it if you’ve never been…just once. You’re worth it. Plus it feels awesome (:

  3. You don’t know how lucky you are – straight and fine (story of my life!) Though I have been every colour under the sun, including bright pink – but that was sort of accidental. Quite liked it though. lol

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