I’m Rusty as Hell but I Started Drawing My Characters Tonight!

This still needs a lot of work and I might just do the whole thing over but hey, I’ve still got it! It just needs a lot more practice!

My drawing tonight of the infamous Captain Ivory “The Razor” Shepard!

Ivory drawing

Close up…

Ivory drawing2

One more week until the book is released. I’m going to try to draw them all. I must really like a challenge!

Until then, enjoy these fan art memes I made. The pictures are of course for entertainment purposes only and are the property of their rightful owners.

Maddox2 Ivory1 Miranda2

6 thoughts on “I’m Rusty as Hell but I Started Drawing My Characters Tonight!

    • Well you definitely have your hands full so I don’t blame you. I’m kind of at an in between stage and I can’t focus on my writing while I’m marketing this new book like a mad woman so this is actually helping me release some creative energy. Plus, I need the practice lol

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