Get Flushed by J.J. Nikitin!

One of my favorite Facebook pages to peruse is Pirates Among Us. She always has the best of everything pirate! We’ve struck up a friendship through our mutual love of pirate lore etc. and through this, I not only found more treasure than I could have imagined but she is also a published author!


Click on the book cover to go get her book Flushed today!

Captain Flatus Codswallup needs ten-year-old Lucas’s help getting his sewer-sailing ship seaworthy, and flushes him as a new recruit. Lucas learns it’s not all toots and giggles as a pirate in the sewer when threats of mutiny strike. Lucas must decide between saving Flatus’s butt and getting home before his plumber father misses him. But when the pirate ship falls under attack, Lucas learns who Flatus’s sworn enemies are. Plumbers like Dad! Now Lucas has to choose a side that doesn’t get everybody killed as plumbers and pirates meet in the messiest battle the sewers have ever seen.

J.J. Nikitin

The Beautiful J.J. Nikitin!

You have to go like her Facebook page as well. She shares some of the most beautiful imagery of pirate ships, pirate lore and modern day pirate adventures (the mostly legal kind of course!) and all things related to loving pirates!

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