Accessorize Like A #Pirate – Fill Your #Treasure Chest With #Sparkle!

I came across another wonderful Facebook Page today as of course, I was scoping out the latest cool pirate info on J.J.’s Pirates Among Us page.

Pirates Chest Jewelry a Division of Kings Forge and Muzzleloading

PC Rings

The main male character in The Blue Diamond – The Razor’s Edge, has a penchant for shiny baubles and big, gaudy rings…which end up getting him caught in a bit of a pickle in the book but anyway…as soon as I laid eyes on this jewelry, Maddox “Blacksnake” Carbonale immediately came to mind.

Maddox loves the finer things in life. He was raised in the lap of luxury and grew up knowing what the finer things were and never lost his lust to own them. He was well educated and enjoys surrounding himself with beautiful things. Furniture, books and jewelry are his favorite objects of affection…well, that is until Ivory comes along. 😉

If Maddox came across this site, he’d weigh anchor and head for the nearest trading post to seek out this fine jewelry maker for sure!

So, weigh your own anchor mateys and check out Pirates Chest Jewelry online.

I see you!

I see you

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