Arrrr Ya Ready for Some Pirate Fun? What’s Yer Pirate Name Mateys?

Sometimes we all need a fun distraction from the usual brain drain of life.

Today, between preparing for my 30 minute author spotlight on Facebook tonight in the Celebration of Authors event, grocery shopping, doing mounds of laundry, watching football while I await game three of the ALDS and making homemade pot pies, I found this fun little pirate name quiz.

No science involved. Just pure and simple silly fun.

What’s Your Pirate Name?

Black Heart Irene

Your pirate name is Black Heart Irene!

You’ve had your lovely days as a fair lady on the land, but you’ve never felt happiness. One day, you decided to sneak into a pirate ship, and the rest is history!
You are a very brave, assertive, adventurous person who believes rules are meant to be broken.

Sounds about right. 😉

If you decide to play, leave your pirate name in the comments.


5 thoughts on “Arrrr Ya Ready for Some Pirate Fun? What’s Yer Pirate Name Mateys?

  1. I got Glass Eyed Sally
    You are the legendary captain of an all women pirate ship! Together with your group of pirates, you sail the seas, find treasures and give men hell! You are truly a living legend.

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