My BIG Box of BIG Beautiful Books Came This Evening!

This is when it really hits me.

My first box of books for my book signing next month, arrived tonight.

The Blue DiamondI want to just sit here and read it but I can’t tonight. I will tomorrow though!

There’s just something about holding your very own book in your hands that never gets old no matter how many times you do it.

FullSizeRenderYou better break out your reading goggles kids…here is the last page number.

FullSizeRender (1)Now…go get yours!

Here’s a little funny for you…


Thank you!

17 thoughts on “My BIG Box of BIG Beautiful Books Came This Evening!

    • I wish you could too Leigh! We are having a pirate party! I don’t like the traditional book signings. Mine are usually themed or just good fun and drinking and laughing and chatting. You’d have a blast!

  1. My heartful and heartfelt congratulations to you. A blessed moment, and well deserved with all the work put into it.
    What a beautiful story you wrote!
    I read the ebook for a review, but I want to have the published paperback too as my keepsake… to come back over and over again and read it with excitement. Maybe one day! And I want that day to come soon.
    Best wishes.

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