Enter the Stargazer Literary Prizes Contest!



The Stargazer Literary Prizes writing competition recognizes life-changing fiction and nonfiction with prizes at a global level. Winners will have demonstrated an outstanding ability to courageously communicate pressing issues, provide insights into the human dilemma and inspire the spirit.

Stargazer will display the Prize Winners and Finalists and Honorable Mention award winners on our blog to bring attention to these outstanding books and hopefully change the world, one book at a time.

The annual competition awards a total of $1,000 in prizes between the Prize Winners.

Book Categories

Social & Environmental Issues Nonfiction
Books that help to shed awareness of current problems impacting the world.

Visionary & Metaphysical Fiction
Books that inspire, help people to think out of the box, or see old thought processes in a new way—all while entertaining the reader.

Body, Mind & Spirit Nonfiction
Books that encompass the entire human experience from a multifaceted point of…

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