What is a gentleman??

See, there's this thing called biology...


Bit tongue in cheek here, but I have no idea! I think I married a rogue, possibly a pirate. I’ve always loved pirates so that would explain everything. I kid you not, the man is actually fond of old wine barrels and rum kegs, so if you look around my house, it certainly seems as if I’m married to a pirate. No complaints here, pirates are simply awesome.

So what is a gentleman? The old fashioned definition used to be a man of worth and value, of high social status, often of noble birth. So, if you read my previous posts, the old fashioned definition of a gentlemen would fit in well there. Women are naturally going to be attracted to men who perceive themselves as having high value and worth.

The problem comes from our ever evolving definition of gentleman, which has now come to be defined a bit more as service oriented…

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