Six Illustrated books – a slight distraction by @FTThum

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Needing a little distraction?

Well, here’s a little secret – I love books 🙂 – all sorts of books and I don’t just mean genres.  I revel in their different sizes, the textures of the cover and the paper, the fonts used… such a sensual experience.

So here are five of my illustrated books selected from my bookcase.  Enjoy!

  1. how-to-live-foreverThompson, C (1998) ‘How to live forever

Colinis the illustrator and writer of this thought provoking book about immortality and ethics. Don’t be misled by its attractive cover – it is not just a ‘children’s book’. Colin has the ability to create mystery within these pages of his book.


Look at the intricacies of the illustrations!

how to live forever 2

  1. the arrivalTan, S (2007) ‘The Arrival

This is agraphic novelwith no words about the experience of an immigrant. The reader is invited to immerse herself in the richness…

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