The Bee Talks With… P.S. Bartlett – Hey, That’s ME! :)

A HUGE Thank You to the Bee for having me on her blog today!


Here’s the buzzzzzz….

Today I am happy to introduce you to P.S. Bartlett, who has recently published her third novel “The Blue Diamond” while she still works full-time. She draws besides her writing and loves to read historical novels, as well as other genres. Born on Valentines day many moons ago as she describes it herself, she embraces her life as a published author. But enough of introductions. Let the lady speak for herself:

How would you describe yourself in one paragraph?

Easy questions first I see? I’m an easy going, extremely busy human being. I write, draw, take care of a home, babysit (of course I don’t consider spending time with my granddaughters babysitting) and I work full time as an office manager. I’ve been married for twenty years and together we have three adult children and three amazing and beautiful granddaughters. I enjoy reading, writing, a handful of television shows and spending good times with my family. For the most part, I am ridiculously normal.

Read the rest HERE on The Bee’s Blog!

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