Meet the mom of 5 who says, ‘I’m much happier being fat’

What’s your opinion on this?

Joni Edelman, a mother of five from California

Here’s Mine:

She calls herself fat but to me, according to her photo in the article, she just looks like an attractive woman with brown hair.

The comments on the original article are less than accepting of her choice to care more about her spirit and less about her body. I just cannot wrap my head around why people feel it’s okay to judge another human being just because they choose a different path in life–a path their SPIRIT tells them is better in order to be happy. Happy people tend to be healthier people so I don’t understand the problem here.
One comment stated “It sounds like she just gave up.” Gave up what? Starving herself? Being obsessed with her body? Worrying that Oh My God I might not fit into those size 4 jeans if I eat this slice of pizza?

If you are an athlete or you are into the gym and fitness etc. and doing it in a healthy way that makes your spirit happy, that is fantastic. However, not everyone is into that and believe it or not, even with a few extra pounds in their pants, they are still healthy and happy.
So far, most of the comments have been dictating to her how she’s setting herself up for health problems down the road.
Granted, obesity can cause health issues but so does yoyo dieting, improper nutrition and yes, excessive and compulsive behavior associated with obsessing over your weight and pants size. If she’s happier not working out like an athlete and not starving herself to stay a size 4, that is her choice, just as adult who is naturally thin and eats garbage food all day and leads a sedentary life should not have to answer to anyone’s criticisms.
There is a freedom that washes over your spirit when you let go of the pressure to be something on the outside that you aren’t on the inside. It’s not about giving up. To me, it’s about loving yourself the way you are and taking good care of your spirit.
After all, isn’t that what we always preach? Your spirit is what makes you beautiful, not your pants size, right?

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