I’m So Excited to Have #Book #Scents on the #Blog Today!


Recently I stumbled upon a new smart phone APP called Periscope by Twitter. If you haven’t seen it or tried it yet you really need to check it out. Periscope allows you to see or share what you’re doing in real time from anywhere in the world. Yes, it’s live streaming anywhere in the whole WORLD!

You can find everything from vacationers sharing their holiday with you to social media advice, cooking, how to pitch your television show ideas, positive thinking and encouragement, an adorable Irish fellow who will sing you a song on the spot, average people who are extraordinarily engaging and even writers and readers talking about BOOKS! Did I say Books? YES indeed I did!

Nalana Lillie Owner, Book Scents

Nalana Lillie
Owner, Book Scents

Last week while searching for people to follow in the book community, I came across a lovely woman named Nalana Lillie, who owns a small company named Book Scents. I enjoyed her Periscope so much that I looked her up and invited her to my blog today!

Below is all of the information about her business. I must say, what she’s doing is so unique and wonderful, I wish I’d found her sooner!

First, let’s find out what Book Scents is all about!


Book Scents is a small business that meets the needs of book lovers around the world. Although a luxury item, book inspired candles allow customers to connect through fragrance. They do this in two ways:

  • Purchasing candles inspired by their favorite books/characters for themselves – allowing them the opportunity to “exist” (at a chemical, olfactory level) more fully into the world of their favorite novel.
  • Gifting candles to other book lovers – whether they are fans or not, gifting a unique product like Book Scents candles provides an emotional connection to another person who is a fan.

About Book Scents:

The mission of Book Scents is to provide you with a connection to the books you love. Every candle has a story! Book Scents candles are for the book lovers out there who want to experience their favorite characters and books in a new and unique way. Book Scents was started in October 2013 in the basement of my home in Central Pennsylvania. Although I still work out of my basement, Book Scents has expanded its product line and offerings to include an author focused program, The Writer’s Block. Book Scents is the extension of my love of books and I take great care to create candles that are high quality – meaning they smell really good!


Book Scents currently carries over 40 different highly scented candles, inspired by more than 18 books/book series. My fragrances have been shipped all over the world – Australia to Scotland to Canada to Italy. I have worked with bestselling authors and their teams as well as new indie authors to develop amazing swag to share with their fan base. Book Scents currently has over 2500 sales, and over 5000 followers across social media.

Book Scents is run by me, Nalana Lillie. I am a former military wife, mom of two boys and, now, entrepreneur. I love reading and crocheting. When I’m not working my business, you can find me and my guilty pleasures – TV shows such as Dr. Who, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Downton Abbey, Outlander, The Walking Dead and many more – wrapped up in a warm blanket, with my coziest PJ’s, tasty snacks and my tea (or coffee if it’s any time before noon!) in our home in Central Pennsylvania.

Book Scents in the Media

Good Day PA news clip: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=581080448664415**

Blog Interview on M.L. Gardner’s website: http://www.mlgardnerbooks.com/blog/2014/4/24/free-for-all-friday-book-scents

Mention in The Dallas News: http://popcultureblog.dallasnews.com/2014/09/the-best-places-on-the-internet-to-buy-outlander-swag-like-claires-wedding-ring.html/

Candle giveaways:

Diana Gabaldon’s Facebook Page: April 2014
J.R. Ward Fan Event in Cincinnati: March 2015

Book Scents Online:

Website: http://www.bookscentscandles.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bookscentscandles
Instagram: @bookscents
Twitter: @bookscentscndls
Periscope: @bookscents
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY-fmHk-u0noN0XLtcOYzsg

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