#Keto – Versary time!

Okay my lovies❤️…

In 3 days, I’ll have completed one year on #Keto. I feel better than I ever have. I truly, truly do.

I’ve slipped up (ate things I shouldn’t have but paid for it 🤢), stalled (gone weeks without losing) and whooshed (lost like 5lbs in 2 days), and lived it up feeling so confident and happy. Keto works like that. Our bodies work like that. You can’t get discouraged or quit. You just soldier on with that juicy burger! Lol I’ll admit I still crave sugar once in a while and I do miss potatoes and bread but not as much as I’d miss feeling this great!

It’s a new life. ❤️

No joint pain. No struggle to get out of bed. No backaches. No brain fog. Lots of energy.

The only side effect has been having to build a whole new wardrobe and wishing I could pick and choose where the fat disappeared from 😂😂😂. But you gotta take the good with the bad lol

This is sustainable. This is me now. I can never

go back.

55 years young. No medications. No regrets. Only 20 more pounds to lose and step it up with working out for strength. I am so proud of me!

Photos are one year apart. Imagine where you’d be 365 days from now if you start today, no matter what positive change you want to make. Do it for YOU because the best you is what your loved ones need and want.

I want to thank you all for the support, encouraging words and for putting up with my boasts lol 😂

Goodbye 63lbs! I won’t miss you!!!

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