Bright Ideas | Sometimes They Work Out

Tonight, I got a bright idea.

At least I think it’s a bright idea. I mean, just the fact that we get bright ideas is fantastic, right? I LOVE those light bulb moments when my brain starts firing and I begin the process of putting all the pieces together and suddenly realize…this might actually work!

Electricity was definitely a bright idea…snicker snicker…well, I believe it was an accident so perhaps not the greatest example so I’ll move on.

Everything we see around us that is “man-made” or “woman-made” started with a thought or a bright idea. From there, everything from indoor plumbing to chili-dogs (whoa, how did I connect those two?) was someone’s bright idea.

Not that my bright idea is going to change the world but it could change mine and yours just a little bit. I thought tonight about this story I just started writing. Well, let’s take a step back and figure out where this light bulb came from shall we?

To be honest, I haven’t had much success in recent months with my book sales. I know, I know, hard to believe right? I’m an indie author who currently doesn’t have the ability to invest much in advertising so naturally my book sales have been grim, so I sat down and thought back to when I first started to really take writing a novel seriously and I realized I did it because I loved telling stories and wanted to share them! It was never about becoming famous or rich. It was always about writing quality stories. Of course I want to make a living at this, don’t get me wrong. My dream is to become a full time writer and eventually the writer/creative consultant on turning those stories into movies or fabulously crafted and produced television dramas. It will come, but my true first love, my driving motivation was to simply write great stories and for people to read them.

Okay…back to the bright idea. I’ve dabbled in fan fiction and written several stories as practice writing while I was taking time off from novel writing. I wanted to do something fresh and different and I absolutely loved writing those tales, as well as the incredible responses I received. So I thought, what if I wrote my next novel on my web site? You know, maybe I’d have the Field of Dreams effect: If you build it or rather write it, they will come?

Well, I decided to give it a go. I have nothing to lose and if people do come and read it and look forward to chapters, and get invested in the story, perhaps they’ll hang in there and come back for more?

So, that’s my bright idea. I’m going to write a novel, right here, live on my web site. Join me if you dare. 🙂

I’ll add a link on this post to the chapters and hope to get your feedback or a like so I know you’re following along. The story is historical fiction and as of now, that’s all I really know. Stories go where they go but if you know me, there will be some action, interesting characters, twists, turns, romance and who knows where my imagination will take me?

I hope you follow and I hope this turns out to be a really bright idea.

Chapter One: Lady Ludwig

Thank you!

Peace out.


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