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Good evening!

Last night I posted chapter one of BROKEN SHUTTERS. As I stated, that is just a working title for this WIP. I’ve already written three chapters and decided to post three per week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, unless I am unable to for whatever reason. However, I promise to do my best, especially if I get a lot of likes or comments. 🙂 Also, please by all means, feel free to share or reblog if you feel this is worth it.

I do write fairly quickly but I don’t want to post the chapters without at least cleaning them up and doing some proofreading. A little typo or missed word here and there is not a big deal but a big ole mess…no one wants to read that.

I’m keeping the blog short tonight because today was a trip.

It started with my yearly checkup which for the most part went pretty well. My doctor was impressed with my weight loss but not on board with Keto. She asked if I’m going to stop my way of eating once I reach my goal weight and I said, probably not but I won’t be as strict because I DO want to stop losing at that point and just maintain a healthy weight. I’ll most likely just stick with the intermittent fasting and low carb with a little cheat here and there…I hope.

I had to get a tetanus shot because I couldn’t remember the last time I had one. I didn’t take the flu shot because I’ve been extremely healthy despite most of the people in my office being sick half the time. I do attribute that to my new power house immune system since I’ve completely changed my diet. I was however surprised at how anxious I was. I’ve never been one to run to the doctor for every little thing because I’m always afraid they’re going to try to push medications on me and I’m not about that. Unfortunately, my heart rate was a bit high…they took it three times and all three times it was high. UGH. So she made me take an EKG. I can’t remember if I’ve ever even had an EKG so of course, that made me even more anxious. So, when the medical assistant left the room to get the EKG setup, I did some deep breathing and a little meditation to calm myself. I guess it worked because she said my EKG was fine.


She gave me my referrals for the usual yearly things; mammogram and colonoscopy…oh joy! However, since I lost three sisters to colon cancer at 48, 52 and 65, I can’t fool around with that. Then it was off to the lab for blood draws and a urine sample. That was fun since I had to fast (which I normally do anyway) but all I had was a half a cup of black coffee before I left the house. I love the lady at their lab who draws my blood. We had a ball chit chatting it up about the 80’s and how cool that decade was and swapping stories about the good old days. Not to mention, this woman is the bomb at hitting that good vein!

I made it to work by 10:45am and sucked down two cups of coffee by 11:30! Haha! Then at about noon, I thought I saw smoke so I walked to the back door of the office and low and behold, a van parked at one of the air pump stations at the Royal Farms next door to my office was engulfed in flames. I shouted to my sister-in-law / co-worker that the van was on fire and she ran to get the boss. When your company is situated next to a gas station and a vehicle is on fire, it’s a little scary to say the least! Thankfully, the fire department had already been called by the driver of the van (who thankfully was not injured) and they came and handled it quick. Crises averted but wow!

About an hour later, it started snowing. Ugh. I’ve lived in the northeast my entire life and can definitely drive in snow but oh how I’d rather not. Of course, a lot of companies were closing early to allow people to get their kids from school and just hopefully avoid the worst of the storm but not my boss. God knows I love that guy but he’s not about that leaving early for snow life. So, at 5:00pm, it’s dark as hell out, snowing like a blizzard and traffic was a nightmare. It took me an hour to go about 15 miles but I made it home safe. Thankfully I always listen to audiobooks and chose The Law of Attraction. I use it like a text book so although I’ve listened to it about three times, I never tire of the reminders.

My back deck ugh.

Keep an eye out tomorrow night for chapter two. I’ll try to have it edited and posted before midnight…maybe I’ll do it on my lunch hour tomorrow. 🙂 Looks like this wasn’t as short as I thought!

Peace out!


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