If You Want to Survive, You Have to Get Wired

Thought I share this again for anyone who may have missed this amazing book!

Author P.S. Bartlett


As a teenage boy in the Sunshine State in the 1960s, Ron Tucker was living the good life. An avid surfer who excelled at all high school sports, including girls, Ron spent his days and nights living a young man’s dream. But when he signed up for the draft in 1971, as expected, his life took a wide turn into the unknown future of a young soldier during the war in Vietnam.

From his senior year in high school, his relationship with his high school sweetheart to graduation day, basic training, and beyond, Ron sees the reality of adulthood coming at him at the speed of a giant wave. However, growing up proves to be the hardest wave to ride. It’s unpredictable and filled with all types of characters and experiences that prove there’s much more than just a lot of fish in the sea.

This story follows Ron…

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