Alive and Wired! Getting Wired is Now Available!

This debut book by T. Daniel Mason explores the coming of age of a young surfer from Florida as he journeys into the Vietnam War.

From high school track star to US Army basic training, Ron Tucker is on the mission of his young life. At only eighteen, he has to trade in his surfboard for an Army uniform, a gun, and a dangerous world in the middle of the war in Vietnam.

This book follows him from life on the beach to a life of grueling training and a whole new group of brothers. While he’s away, he misses his girl back home…his high school sweetheart, but does she really miss him? Ron has a bad feeling that ole “Jody” has stolen his girl. Doubtful and worried, he tries to focus on his new life, but no letters arrive from her to dispel his worries.

Music is the theme of his transition from boy to man throughout the book. He’s still mostly a boy and ends up in some places and situations that may make the reader blush, but through it all, he finds himself and who he wants to be. Music guides this story as much as the many experiences, romances, and friendships he develops while becoming an adult in a place most people had never heard of until this damn war.

Will Ron rise to the many challenges and excel as the man he wants to be, despite the pitfalls, losses, and trials of war?

Find out today!

Written by a Vietnam veteran, this book will take you to places you’ve never been and leave you grateful you never had to go there in the real world. You’ll cheer for him through everything and cheer for his success.

With grit, determination, and his training as an athlete, he’s ahead of the curve, but will it be enough to keep him alive and wired? Once you get to know him, Ron “Crash” Tucker will steal your heart and leave you wanting to learn more.

Lucky for you, this book is only the first in a series about this young man’s life. There are more on the horizon!

Get your copy today!

GETTING WIRED is now available, where all online books are sold!


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