Introducing Adria Wade and her Debut – The Forbidden: A Huntress Novel

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The Forbidden: A Huntress Novel

I’ve known Adria since she was practically a baby. Her father and my husband have been best friends for over forty years. Who’d have known she would grow up and become a writer! This is such an exciting time for her as this is her very first novel so please, let’s give her a warm welcome into the crazy life that is the published author.

First, let’s pick on her a bit with a few questions: 😉

1. How old were you when you wrote your first piece?

I was fifteen years old when I started writing my first book.

2.  What was it? And in what genre?

My first book was called The Dynasty. It was a paranormal romance. I love the plot and the characters so much that I decided to re-write the story and publish it in the near future.

3.  If you couldn’t be a writer, what would you be?

Wow, that’s a hard question! I love writing, it is my passion. I’m literally miserable if I’m not able to write. If I couldn’t be a writer, I would work with animals. I absolutely love them!

4.  Do you have a favorite scene or chapter in your book and if so, which one is it and why?

The chapter where Lucas takes Athena to his world. This is the chapter where Athena finally let’s go and actually let’s herself love him. Although, I would have to say that any scene with Taylor in it is just awesome! He is just funny and playful and I always enjoy writing any scenes he is in.

5. Do you have an idea for your next book?

I’m currently writing The Awakening, which is the second book in the series. I’m introducing a new group of creatures and magic plays a big part throughout the book.

6.  Name three of your favorite books of all time.

Bully by Penelope Douglas
Any book from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series.
Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

7. Name an author or author’s who have inspired you to become a writer.

J.K. Rowling, Nicholas Sparks, and Richelle Mead

8. How do you feel when someone says, “The book was way better than the movie or television show?”

It doesn’t bother me at all. I am actually one of those people. Sometimes movies just don’t do the book any justice. Harry Potter, Divergent, and Twilight were fantastic book to movies, but then you have Vampire Academy and The Mortal Instruments who had too many important details from the book that were left out of the movie.

9. How important do you think book covers are?

I think book covers are very important. They draw the eye of the reader. I know many book lovers who had bought a book based on what the cover looked like.

10. What genre do you write in? Is there more than one?

I write paranormal romance. I’m totally obsessed with vampires and werewolves! I have been thinking about writing a new adult romance in a high school setting after my huntress series.

11. What inspired you to write your current book?

The Forbidden actually started out as a dream. I dreamt of a guy who had superhuman powers and as soon as I woke up I wrote it down. As the creativity began to flow, I immediately knew the type of story I wanted and how I wanted it to end.

12. Tell us about it, and where it’s available.

Like a moth to a flame she was drawn to him. The second their eyes locked she knew everything was about to change. She knew in that moment that he would be the end of her.
Growing up in a hunter family where loyalty is expected, Athena Bram was taught that vampires were evil and ruthless and had to be killed in order to protect the human race. Not once did she ever think that one day her loyalty to her family would be tested…until she met Lucas.
Lucas was everything Athena didnt expect; charming, alluring, and too hot to resist. The one person who made her heart beat faster, she found herself falling deeper into his spell, leaving her to choose between her hunter family and the vampire she just couldnt live without.

When her hunter family learns of their forbidden romance, Athena must fight for survival where a web of lies, secrets, and even death comes to haunt her.

Now that she has become the hunted will she survive against her hunter family, or will she pay for her betrayal in the end?

The Forbidden is available on ebook on Amazon. Paperbacks are not available as of yet.

13.  Do you have a particular place or setting where you write?

I like to write in my bedroom. Most of the time I will have music on as it helps me to relax and get my creativity flowing so I can enter my character’s world.

About The Author:

Author Adria Wade
Adria Wade has had a passion for writing since she was a kid. Her favorite part about writing is getting lost in the world she created. She lives in Maryland and is the second oldest of eight children. When not writing, she loves to read, listen to her favorite bands, watch way too many eighties movies, and has a fascination with sharks.
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Festivals, Book Events Etc. – To Do or Not To Do?

Last night during The Writers Lounge Blog Talk Radio show, we had a little discussion about book signings, book festivals and other bookish events.

The question started out as something else and evolved into us chatting about the positives and negatives of doing these. One of the biggest negatives was not being able to afford them.

I’ve only been around this industry for a year and a half, so I really don’t have a lot of experience in this area. I’ve had a book signing at my house which was a huge hit. You can read about it here. 

Last year, I participated in the Baltimore Book Festival and met so many readers and a few very cool authors. It was a long day and I pretty much broke even but all in all, the experience was wonderful.

I think what I’m getting at here is I’d like to know what your experience has been at trade shows and book signing events and such.  I always see a lot of my author friends; especially the paranormal and romance fiction genre, packing their bags and heading off all over the place to book shows and events.

I don’t know of or think there are any for my genre (historical / paranormal fiction) and although I have written paranormal fiction, it has not been in the paranormal romance genre.

Yes, I won a super fantastic and amazing award for writing paranormal fiction but I just don’t feel like I currently fit in anywhere but mixed local festivals and personal book signings. Not that I’m complaining because those are pretty sweet too.  

Ladies and gentlemen we’ve now reached the question portion of this blog:

  1. Have you done any bookish events and if so, what was your experience like?
  2. Would you do one, if you haven’t already?
  3. What are your biggest concerns about taking part in one?

Thanks in advance for participating.

FIREFLIES Takes the Silver Medal in the Paranormal Fiction Category!

Award-9eb9437e351cbc69a9fd9a9bec91ec12-page-001Readers' Favorite


Honestly, I have no clue if I’ve won any prizes but right now, I’m thrilled I won a silver medal!


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Now’s your chance to get the first book in the “Fireflies” series for only $.99!!!

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Fireflies Sale Coming Monday August 18th, 2014!

Now’s your chance to get the first book in the “Fireflies” series for only $.99!!!

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Jagjiwan Sohal is having a $.99 sale on his book “Smorgasbord” for 7 days!

For the next 7 days, “Smorgasbord” by Jagjiwan Sohal will be on sale for only $.99 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. This book has nothing but 5 star reviews so far! See the quotes below!
5.0 out of 5 stars FUN AND WACKY, July 27, 2014
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Smorgasbord (Kindle Edition)
5.0 out of 5 stars Creative & Fun!, July 23, 2014
This review is from: Smorgasbord (Paperback)
Reading & Discussing this creatively adventurous novel with my sub-teen was a blast!There are several characters that make this book amazingly unique, but our main focus is on Julie, a teen vampire, and a zombie- child whose only vocabulary is “brains”. While these two run for their lives, they’re lucky enough to encounter more paranormal creatures with the same problem: they’re the newest culinary fad. Unfortunately, there’s a psychotic woman leading a group of hunters that makes Ted Nugent look like Mr. Rogers. Throw in a zombie rancher, his spokeswoman, and a reporter scorned, and you have one heck of an adventure!

For the record, I’m not a zombie fan, but I truly enjoyed this book! This author is brilliant! I highly recommend picking this one up!

As a parent, I must warn that there is some descriptive violence involved here. Although my son & I had a wonderful time reading this, I wouldn’t recommend this novel for children below the 6th grade.

I was gifted a copy by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

5.0 out of 5 stars A Wonderful Summer Read!!!!, July 9, 2014
This review is from: Smorgasbord (Kindle Edition)
Do you like having cookouts in the summer? Well, what about a smorgasbord? This book is totally out of my comfort zone as a reader and I loved it! I am normally not the zombie/vampire fan and I’m here to tell you, this is a fun summer read! Great for all ages, young and old.

The story centers around Julie, who was born as a vampire when she was a teen. She is older, but still lives in her teen body. She saves a little zombie boy from danger and takes him under her wing, staying clear of humans. Yes, in this story, humans hunt ghouls of all kinds, and serve them up at the annual Monster Mash Food Festival. I don’t think I would personally like to eat a zombie or a werewolf and vampires are hard to catch, so that’s way too much work for me. But the suburbanites, also known as the Wilkerson family, work hard to kill the ghouls in the neighborhood, even by teaching their children to shoot them dead. Our main vampire, though, snacks on veggies only.

I loved that this story was like a car chase, not knowing what was around every corner as Julie protects the zombie boy while trying to outwit the Wilkersons. She learns to fight for her survival and makes many friends along the way. Sohal makes us root for the monsters, which I thought he did brilliantly. Also the big plus was learning about Julie’s past. I connected with her during this flashback as she tells the zombie boy a bedtime story: The story of her early vampire life. The only disappointment for me was, I was hoping to read more about the ghosts. I found it clever that ghosts were drank, not eaten, hence the term: Spirits.

Highly recommended for a fun summer read, fast paced, and keeps you on the edge! I really hope there is a book two in the works, because I cannot wait to get a copy!

An Interview With Teagan Whelan of “Fireflies.”

My First Character interview for the series will be with Teagan Whelan, one of the main characters from “Fireflies.”
I’m really shocked that I was able to get her to sit down and answer fifty questions tonight but she was very interested in sharing.

1. What is your name?
Teagan Brianne Whelan
2. Why were you given that name?
You’d have to ask my Ma and Da. I have no idea.
3. Is there a nickname you’re known by? Do you prefer it?
They sometimes call me Teag for short but that isn’t really a nickname.
4. What is your birth date and current age?
I was born on October 12, 1865 and I’m currently eighteen years old.
5. What, if anything does your zodiac sign mean to you?
My what?
6. What is your height, weight and build?
I’m shorter than Liffey and taller than Patrick which means I’m about five feet two. I’m about average size for a girl my age though some think me a bit thin.
7. What is your hair color and style, eye color, and skin tone?
My hair is black like my Ma’s, my eyes are blue and I’ve a peachy complexion…with a few freckles here and there. My hair style is simple; up during the day and down in a braid at night.
8. Do you have any scars, tattoos, piercings? What do they mean to you?
No, no scars. The other things you asked I have no idea of.
9. How much pride do you take in your appearance?
Ha! As if I care! Well, I certainly didn’t care at all when I was younger but of course now I’m in medical school so I try to keep myself looking presentable. Of course Eli couldn’t give a care one way or the other. He fell for me whilst I was wearing my brother’s hand me downs.
10. How do you feel about your appearance? Favorite / most hated features?
What difference does it make after all as long as I can save your life?
11. What is your preferred style of clothing to wear?
Breeches, suspenders, boots and my hat.
12. Who are your parents?
Dr. Owen Whelan and Sarah Whelan.
13. Do you have any siblings?
I was afraid you’d ask me this. Yes: Liffey, Patrick, Brogan, Connell, Fagan and Ennis.
14. Who has been your greatest influence (parent, friend, idol)? Why?
Definitely my Da. He’s a wonderful doctor and watching him is what led me to want to be one too.
15. Where did you grow up? How do you feel about it now?
In a small town in Pennsylvania. I loved growing up there with so much space.
16. Where do you currently live (town, neighborhood, locale)? Do you like it?
At the moment, I’m living with my Aunt Kathryn in my Da’s old house in Center City, Philadelphia. I’m attending the University here.
17. What sort of a home is it (castle, apartment, cardboard box)?
It’s a small but beautiful mansion.
18. With whom do you live? How do you feel about that person / people?
I live with my Aunt Kathryn Doyle and she’s wonderful. She’s getting on in age now but I’d still prefer a chat with her than anyone my own age—besides Eli that is.
19. Do you have any pets?
No but Aunt Kathryn has dogs.
20. What is your current job title / social station / rank?
Medical student.
21. How do you feel about this role?
I was born to play it.
22. How do you think your colleagues would describe you?
Ha! Talkative, boisterous and dedicated I hope.
23. What has been your education / training for this role?
My Da mentored me back home.
24. What is your ultimate professional or life goal?
Just to be a great doctor and help people. That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do.
25. Who is your best friend? Describe them briefly.
That would be Eli. He started out my best friend and he always will be, although, I share just about everything with my sister Liffey as well.
26. How would you spend an unexpected day off?
Definitely exploring!
27. What sort of vehicle / transportation do you rely on?
We have a carriage but on nice days, I prefer to walk like my Da used to.
28. What is your favorite or most dreaded holiday? Why?
My favorite would be Christmas. That’s when we can go home and visit with the family. I don’t have a dreaded holiday.
29. Is your family currently close? Are they a source of support or stress?
Our family is extremely close. We’ll do anything for each other.
30. What is your relationship status at the start of the story?
I’m a young girl. My relationships are my family and my best friend Eli Morgan. We’ve been best friends since we were babes.
31. How do you feel about money?
We need it I know but honestly, some people worry far too much about it.
32. How would you treat yourself if you came down with the flu?
Plenty of fluids and bed rest is all one can do—and pray.
33. What is your most cherished possession?
My medical books.
34. How do you feel about being the center of attention?
Since I have a tendency to talk quite a bit, I suppose I like it.
35. What makes you blush?
Compliments I suppose.
36. How do you feel about romance at the start of the story?
Well, at least from my perspective there was no romance but I soon found out about it and it was lovely.
37. How do you feel about children? Do you have / want to have your own?
Someday I’ll have them but for now, I need to focus on my studies.
38. What would you like your life to look like in twenty years?
I’d like my own medical practice either in Philadelphia or back home. I’ve always dreamed of working side by side with my Da and my brother Connell.
39. What crisis are you facing at the start of the story?
I suspect my little brother Ennis is hiding something and I have to get to bottom of it. Little did I know I would end up right in the middle of it.
40. What makes this crisis such a challenge for you in particular?
Who wants to believe their little brother is touched in some way? Fortunately, I found out he was touched but not in the way I originally thought.
41. What would you never do, no matter the price?
I could never betray or hurt anyone.
42. What do you believe happens when you die?
Based solely on my own experience, I’d say you go somewhere lovely, like Heaven.
43. What makes your blood boil?
Injustice of any kind and when people won’t listen to what I have to say.
44. What was your first impression of the hero(ine)?
I love him. He’s my baby brother. He did get on my nerves quite a bit at first but then, when I understood him, we bonded in such a way that all I wanted to do was protect him.
45. What revelation surprised you most about him/her?
That he could heal the sick. He’s a miracle.
46. What defining adjective would you use to describe him/her?
As I said, he’s a miracle.
47. What was the most defining moment of your life at the start of the story?
Realizing what Ennis had done when he healed me. I didn’t want to admit or accept it but I couldn’t deny it. It was then I knew I had to protect him.
48. How would you define the word ‘love’?
Family. Love is when you care more for someone else than for yourself.
49. How have you evolved by the end of the story?
I’ve achieved my dream and fallen in love. I’d say that’s evolution.
50. Why should the reader care about your story?
Because I’m a trailblazer. I wouldn’t allow anything to stand in the way of my becoming a doctor. I refused to live out some traditional role that I knew I’d never be happy in. I faced quite a few obstacles but thank goodness I wouldn’t take no or maybe for answers. Doing this was not an easy feat in 1883.