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Who Needs A Knight? – The Blue Diamond Excerpt

“I beg your pardon?” he asked, closing the door and planting his hands firmly on the hips of his borrowed breeches.

“I’ll admit I don’t know very much about such things, but aren’t you at least supposed to ask me?”

“You want to do this now, Ivory, really?” She stood with her arms defiantly folded at her chest. Maddox rolled his eyes back, walked towards her, and took her hand. “My love, my absolutely perfect and ideal woman, who…”

“You’re mocking me,” she growled, pulling her hand away.

Maddox snatched it back and fell to one knee before her and lowered his head. When he looked up at her, he pulled his sword from his belt and laid it at her feet. “When a knight pledges his loyalty and obedience to his queen, he lays his sword at her feet and declares his love only unto her. Let me be your knight. Allow me to seal that love and loyalty by accepting me, not only as your champion, but as your mate.”

“Pick up your sword. I have no use for a knight. It’s simpler than that.”  Her voice softened.  “All I want is what I’ve read in books. I want what I saw in my uncle’s eyes when he gazed upon my aunt as she sat quietly at her embroidery, or as she tended her flowers in the garden,” she said, as she took his hand and pulled him to his feet.

He leaned in over her and pressed his brow to hers and whispered, “Should you ever sit quietly at needlework or tend roses, I shall look upon you in such a way that you will feel the warmth in my soul upon your skin, and the love in my heart will burn like the brightest light within your bosom.”

Ivory was overcome by a gentle warmth so deep it rose up in her like the flame of a single candle held against the blackest night. Her cheeks flushed. “I suppose that will do.”

The Blue Diamond – The Razor’s Edge – P.S. Bartlett

#BookReview of The Blue Diamond – Author Overboard! This One Rocked My Boat!

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My Review – 5 STARS!
The Blue Diamond by P. S. Bartlett

Long before the days of required floatation devices and multi-million dollar pleasure yachts, only the bravest of the brave would venture the seas, brave the storms and dare to cross paths with legendary pirates. Of these pirates one stands out, more cunning, slippery as an eel and already the object of seafaring history? I dare say, if Moby Dick had come upon this captain, that tale would have had a far different ending.

Who is this brute of a pirate known as the Razor? Allow author P. S. Bartlett to introduce you to Miss Ivory Shepard, the oldest of four female cousins, each with their own special gift to bring to the table, and to the seas. Able to outwit, out manuever and overpower men twice her diminutive size, Ivory and her crew have become a force to be reckoned with, legends in a world that rarely gives way. Ivory has also become the object of a manhunt, with a bounty on her head for the theft of value diamonds and one man, a “gentleman” pirate known as Blacksnake is determined to win the prize. But was he prepared for the real Ivory?

The brilliant woman behind the pirate façade is damaged, and grasping at a way to survive without being under the thumb or whip of any man. She also is beautiful, feisty and deadly poison for Maddox’s heart. He may be holding her captive, but she has made him a prisoner of his heart and his lust and he doesn’t’ even realize it until she manages to escape and return to the sea. The chase is on, who will win? Will the loser walk the plank?

Love it, love it, love it!

The Blue Diamond by P. S. Bartlett, the flagship book in her new series, The Razor’s Edge is an historical romance lover’s dream! Ms. Bartlett has dared to create a tale of adventure and intrigue on the sea, shining the spotlight on a remarkable group of women that prove being a pirate isn’t a boy’s only club! Each character, no matter how brief their appearance is fully developed, uniquely displayed and often comically charming. No heaving bosoms here, unless it’s to trap a man! Fun, with some high action, history comes to life with a swashbuckling flare!

Grab your gold earring and come aboard for some great reading where men are men and women are smarter!

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The Blue Diamond The Razor’s Edge by P.S. Bartlett Book Review, Blog Tour & Giveaway

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Here is the review from beach Bound Books:

My Review

The Blue Diamond The Razor’s Edge is a compelling story of love, loss and second chances. Ivory is a strong willed and determined pirate who will stop at nothing to protect the ones she loves, but when romance is thrown in the mix anything can happen.

Orphaned at a young age, Ivory is left with only her cousins and their will to survive. They settle into a life on a farm away from the evils of the time, but life has other plans which becomes evident the night pirates arrive. 

Transformed into a ruthless pirate, Ivory sails the seas. Her life now filled with adventure and freedom, that is until her ship, The Blue Diamond is attacked. Narrowly escaping with her life, Ivory ends up adrift in the sea until someone plucks her from it. Eluding to a rescue, Captain Carbonale tries to convince Ivory his only desire is to see her survive. Buying none of the pleasantries Captain Carbonale is selling, Ivory demands to be freed. When Carbonale refuses, Ivory finally discovers there is a bounty on her head and Captain Carbonale plan to collect it. Can Ivory escape or will Captain Carbonale win this battle that doesn’t require a pirate ship?

I am a fan of historical fiction as well as of the author, P.S. Bartlett. The Blue Diamond is yet another success as she spins a thrilling tale of adventure and love. The characters and setting are developed in such a way that draws readers in and the quick pace and continual action left me with a need to read on. The Blue Diamond The Razor’s Edge is a well written satisfying read.

I recommend grabbing a copy. Available on Amazon.    



Two #RaveReviews for The Blue Diamond – The Razor’s Edge!

Of course they won’t all be this wonderful but it sure feels good tonight!

Customer Reviews
This review is from: The Blue Diamond (The Razor’s Edge Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
The Blue Diamond was a surprise of a read. I didn’t really know what to expect when reading a Historical Adventure Romance. The balance of adventure to romance was just right to keep me interested. As a writer and a historian, I was a History Teacher, I felt the period touches given were just enough for the story and not so much to get in the way of the read. Very nicely done. I am very glad I gave this book a chance.

Ivory Shepard and Maddox Carbonale, the conflicting romantic pirate leads of this novel reminded me a bit of Scarlett and Rhett’s relationship in Gone with the Wind. Both strong willed and leaders of their own particular worlds. When a large bounty brings to the two pirate captains clashing together the tension is believable and undeniable.

PS Bartlett brings historical pirate elements to the story without the corny stereotypes I was afraid I would find. With a change of setting, this story could translate into modern day, albeit with a touch of language update. The words and phrasings used made for an easy read.

The author does a very good job of setting atmosphere but there a very few times I wanted to get to the next part and be done with a few passages that seemed to get in my way. This may have just been my wanting to get onto the next part that told me something I really wanted to know.

There are no wasted scenes in the book as each one builds to an understanding of characters and leaves you wanting just a touch more knowledge. I was very impressed with the handling of back story in flashback scenes, very few, and a nice scene explaining a detail of Ivory’s past.

Also I liked the surprises at times but really Bartlett leads you along so that at times you do expect certain things, sometimes you are disappointed but sometimes you get what you want. I will say this, even though at times I knew what must happen, I didn’t know it would happen the way it did.

I connected with Carbonale in how his approach to his feelings and reactions to Ivory and her words and actions.

The reason I liked the book is because it gave a balance of both Ivory and Maddox and a few other characters and made me want to know what happens, and I was never allowed to be comfortable in what was occurring because I learned quickly anything was bound to happen to mess up what I thought would happen.

Bartlett left us wanting more at the end. I am hoping for a follow up to The Blue Diamond. She has created a world with a lot of possibilities for further adventure with various characters created.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars for writing, readability, character development, and the environment one is made to feel.

This review is from: The Blue Diamond (The Razor’s Edge Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
This is a great story of love, loss, and redemption. It is not your ordinary bodice-ripper. Ivory Shepard is a strong, yet flawed, character whose greatest struggle is taking care of her beloved cousins while keeping her vulnerability in check. Female pirates such as these are a rarity in romantic fiction, and P.S. Bartlett deftly handles the feminine psyche while providing her characters with a core of steel will and determination. This is a fun and satisfying read for those looking for love, adventure, and great female characters.