“It Is What It Is” aka “I Must Have Had a Bad Day”

Originally written as a Facebook Note on March 29, 2011. It’s fun to reflect on even the crappy days.

Earlier today I had planned on writing some long mission statement that most likely only a few of you would have taken the time to read (and I don’t blame you). Some for their own agendas, some because they may be bored and some because they may have an interest or even a stake in what I say.

I changed my mind. Somewhere between cleaning up Zack’s vomit and doing our taxes, I thought to myself, “Why me again?” What that means is why am I always sticking my neck out and going on and on about injustices, drama and lies that spread and grow and then have to point out the elephant in the room? Why do I always take it upon myself to flip-up the rug? Then after the dust settles, I’m holding the rug, covered in dust?

Then it hit me that the only person suffering because of this nonsense is ME. I suffer inside only because I live and breathe for harmony and mutual respect. I strive for balance, a level playing field and the right equipment to play on that level field.

If we don’t evolve and change and grow, what’s the point? No one is perfect. No one has all of the answers but if we don’t look for them and ask for them, how do we ever expect to find the truth and the peace of mind to be able to feel at ease and knock down the wall and let the elephant out of the room?

Today, I walked up to the elephant and pat him on the trunk and said, “We might as well get to know each other. I don’t think either of us are leaving this room anytime soon”.

He replied, “Shall we wake the dog?”

I said, “Nope. Let him sleep.”

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