It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s The “Man of Steel!”

My Childhood Bedroom

My Childhood Bedroom

 This whole “Man of Steel” movie thing has me completely giddy! I just saw Henry Cavill on Leno. He is so adorable and sweet and after watching him for years on the Tudors, I know he’s an incredible actor. I love Amy Adams and Russell Crowe too and don’t even get me started on Michael Shannon and Kevin Costner and Diane Lane!

If you know me, YOU KNOW about my life-long obsession with Superman, to the point where it is my only ink so far and I won’t even talk about how many times I saw the Christopher Reeve “Superman the Movie” version or the time I skipped school to ride the bus to Glen Burnie, to watch the last day’s theater showings with an old, dear friend who I’m not going to out right now and who’s big sister (who I won’t rat out even 36 years later LOL) had to come and pick us up from the theater because we spent our bus fare on magazines with him gracing the cover…lol

I won’t share the fact that I was a charter member of the Chris Reeve fan club and even have a personal autograph from him. How I saved a life size cardboard cut out of him from a dumpster in Catonsville and put it up on my wall and we’re definitely NOT going to talk about my sheets and bedspread, Christmas tree ornaments or the poster hanging in my rectanguble!

Yes that's Kryptonian

Yes that’s Kryptonian

No…I’m not going to go into all of that! All I will say is that I am PROUD to be a SUPERMAN fan and I can’t wait to see this movie with any fellow SUPERMAN fans who’d care to join me! So, Sunday June 16th, my crazy fan-girl butt will be on the edge of my seat, snow caps in one hand and tissues in the other as my lifetime favorite superhero once again flies into my heart and once again, saves the day.

Just a warning though to those who would dare to share this blessed experience with me; Good luck dragging me out of my seat until the final credit rolls, glides or flies off the cold, black empty movie screen and the last snow cap has reached my hips.

I’ve been waiting for this for 7 years. Please, pardon my exuberance, angst, excitement, cheers, tears and swoons…or seriously, someone could get hurt. 😉

One thought on “It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s The “Man of Steel!”

  1. The reality of your dreams are flying high! Once you see it…IT’S EASY! Life is like a STEREOGRAM…A hidden image which can only be viewed from the proper perspective. On the service level, which often appears chaotic and disorganized (reality), there is also the deeper and hidden level of life, the hidden image (dreams), which contains the real secret in one’s life. Peggy, it’s like looking into a mirror, and if you look long enough, you will see the person you want to be…and I believe you’re seeing it! Continued success and good luck! 🙂

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