“Man of STEAL my Heart!”

Well okay, not literally of course because I’ve had my heart stolen for nearly 20 years by a wonderful earthling but by golly, Henry Cavill makes a damn fine Superman!

We’ve already established that I adore Kal-El and anything he’s ever done but I’d be remiss not to say that although Christopher Reeve (REEVE NOT REEVES!) was my first Super-love and despite the unkind mentions of Brandon Routh of late and the comparisons that have been made, I feel both of them were wonderful in the suit and if I’m being fair, neither had control over the story and truly made the best of it. Henry Cavill on the other hand is a very fortunate man as he gets to be the 2013 Superman with every bell and whistle at his disposal and the result and general opinion is that he is fabulous.

I agree.

Let’s be realistic here, it not only takes a well built and strikingly handsome man but a truly brave man as well to step into those red boots. The bravery of course comes from the fact that this “being” is an American icon and although anyone who is not a fan of men in tights, capes or masks really wouldn’t understand (which completely perplexes romantic nerds like me), in 2013 with so many special effects and CGI at ones disposal, it still takes a lot more than muscles and a dimple in your chin the size of the Grand Canyon to make millions of fans “Believe a Man Can Fly.” Not to mention the millions of dollars riding on your tight blue bum!


Although I wasn’t expecting anything I’d seen before, I did miss quite a few things that drew me into this franchise from the beginning. Okay, let’s just start with what I didn’t miss; the red trunks, the curl on the forehead and Jimmy Olsen just to name a few. Nothing personal against Jimmy Olsen as I’ve found him to be endearing and I’ve always enjoyed his almost “side-kick” status to Clark and Lois. However, in this version, he wouldn’t have been relevant.

Now, what I did miss; snarky, sarcastic but loveable Lois,  Clark as “Clark” the mild mannered reporter and yes, the somewhat romantic comedy of their attraction. I didn’t get my “cute meet.” Well, it was kind of cute but not quite. In this version, I felt like they either overlooked or simply weren’t focused much on the connection outside of “he saves her, she protects him, she falls for him.” Meh. My Lois is a spit fire. This Lois to me was more like a heating pad.

As I said, I didn’t expect to see the same movies I’ve always seen by any means and no matter what, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and will most likely see it again (a few times) before it leaves the theater. I really just need to let this new “vision” and story line sink in a bit and get comfortable with it. Regardless of my own expectations, (okay I admit it!) I think they definitely knocked it out of the park with his origins on both Krypton and Earth. The acting was stellar by anyone with a camera in their face and Mister Cavill didn’t disappoint in all aspects of his character. He was completely genuine either making goo-goo eyes at Lois or glowing red ones at ZOD. Both eye views were searing and had myself and my movie-mate Cheryl, squirming in our seats.

The special effects were some of the best I’ve ever seen. The fight scenes were gut punching and made me gasp and jump, and the visual aspects of both Krypton and Earth were really unique and stunning. The explosions and the devastation on screen were nearly palpable, as if you were running for your life or falling from skyscrapers yourself. Several times I caught myself holding my breath or clutching my seat and for the record, we did not see it in 3D.

All in all, I’m going to give “Man of Steel” four out of five stars but only because I missed the adorable nerd in the horn rimmed glasses with the loveable naïve farm boy charm and the confident yet “he don’t know he’s freaking awesome” swagger of the “big blue bird in bright red boots.”

I still believe a man can fly, I just don’t believe he’s in love…yet. 😉

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