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Great Grandmothers Rock!

Great Grandmothers of The World, I Salute You!

Here is our Super Granny – Granny June!

Granny June Bug
Oldest Baltimore Ravens Fan! She was 91 here!
Gran and Esme
Great-Great Granddaughter Esme getting the low down!
Five Generations
Five Generations
She Loves To Party!
She Loves To Party!
Loves her Dog
Loves her Dog
Gran and Poe
Always up to mischief!
Teaching Us Girls
Teaching Us Girls How To Have Fun!
Rockin’ the Supremes at a Costume Party!
Great-Great Granny
Great-Great Granny and Esme. Only 89 years between them
Life of the Convention
Granny Loves The Ravens Roost Convention Each Year in Ocean City, MD! Each year she’d come up with some silly outfit or outfits to walk around in. Never a dull moment!

Our dear Granny is very ill. She would be 93 this year. I don’t know what we will do without her. We love you so much Gran!

At almost the exact time I published this blog, our Dear Granny passed on to her next adventure. Tomorrow may be another day to add to “the hardest days of my life” list. Rarely do you ever have the good fortune to know someone of her caliber. Orphaned at seven and raised by her sixteen year old brother, their home pilfered by extended family and left with next to nothing but they survived. Now she is survived by two daughters, three grandsons, two great-granddaughters, six great-grandsons and ten great-great grandchildren. She was a self-made woman before women knew they even could be and she did it with grace, tenacity, hard work and lots of love. She beat cancer three times, numerous other health emergencies and even a brain aneurism. She didn’t sweat the small stuff. She never complained. She never accepted excuses – period. Either you’re in or your out. Either you do or you don’t. There were no gray areas.

“Shut up and deal the damn cards and get me a beer.”

“What time is the Ravens game on?”

We love you Gran.



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