Preachy? Moi?

Angel Food Cake

Angel Food Cake


Although I gave up worrying about my critics a while ago, I have caught a glimpse of a few recent reviews which sent me on a short journey through almost all of them. One critique I’ve seen on a few of the negative reviews is in reference to “Fireflies” being a “good story” and “very well written” but suggests the story is “preachy” or has religious undertones. Religion and spirituality are not one in the same – at least in my book they aren’t. However, when I finished writing this book, I told myself I wasn’t trying to send a message to anyone and I still stand by that. Whatever message you take away from any of my books is what spoke to you the most. I didn’t give you anything. You took what you wanted.

“Fireflies,” in the correct context is a spiritual story. I wrote the book my heart told me to write and I’ll never make apologies for that. I believe there are more than enough reviews out there by now to give anyone who is searching for a book to read, enough information to allow them to make a decision on whether or not this is the story for them but alas, people who normally do not like certain “types of books” continue to pick it up, read it and be disappointed in some of the subject matter.

I won’t apologize – ever, for not writing the story you thought you were going to get but didn’t. I am a complex creature full of life experiences that I’m dying to write about. “Fireflies” and the upcoming “Hope From the Ocean” are what they are. What I’m saying is these stories stand alone and aren’t trying to be anything other than what they are. If the depiction of spirituality of any kind or realistic historical fiction involving the actual lifestyle of some Americans during the late 1800’s isn’t for you, perhaps instead of wishing it was or wasn’t what you expected, give it a chance or click on a topic you find more to your liking.

I have books inside me from every genre imaginable and I will continue to criss cross those genres if that is where the story leads me. Much like the picture at the top; I’m sweet, good old-fashioned angel cake on the outside but when you slice into me, a wide assortment of flavors will come drizzling out. This time it was lemon. Next time it just might be flaming crème-brulee.

Oh my! What will they say then? 😉


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