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Cookies, Babies and Really Cute Kids

These are some of the most important parts of life right? What’s life without cookies? What’s life without adorable babies? What’s life without really cute kids doing really cute things at Christmas time?

Here are a few pictures from my Saturday.

Cutie Cousins Ryder and Esme
Cutie Cousins Ryder and Esme baking cookies! (Well sort of!)
Ryder and Esme
Our cuties are having a bit of hat trouble!
runaway hat
Runaway hat!


extra sprinkles
I don’t think we have enough sprinkles
Esme Asleep
All of that cookie baking wore her out!


Harper and Scarlett
“Hey what’s on TV?” – “Wait I’m trying to get this hang nail.”
Play Time!
We love our together play time!


Harper smile
Well hello there! Miss Harper is awfully cute today!
More Harper Smiles
Wait MomMom! Here’s an even cuter smile for you!
Harper Sleeping
All of that cuteness is exhausting!
Esme, Jess and Scarlett
Phew! Thank goodness their Mommy showed up to help! She’s cute too!
Poor Poppy! He sure is cute though with that baby snuggling him!
Home Remedy
MomMom is feeling a little under the weather.

           That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!



Writer and Artist in no particular order of importance. They hold hands.

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