Not Much Editing But Lots of Sun and Soup

I had hoped to get a good bit of editing done this weekend but I opted for real world offerings. The sun was plenty this weekend here in Maryland and although the pool was still quite chilly, it felt nice to take a dip and spend time with my family.

My babysitting adventure was a huge success and I managed to prove that I can in fact “hang” quite well with three mini humans! The babies were asleep by eight o’clock Friday night and the four year old by nine thirty and all three stayed that way ALL NIGHT! Granted, not getting to sleep until one AM myself made their six AM wake up call a little rough but hot damn! They slept all night!

My girls at 6:30AM :)

My girls at 6:30AM 🙂

I did sneak in a nap yesterday afternoon after grocery shopping and three Angry Orchards. I’m such a light weight anymore!

Today was filled with more family time with my three favorite princesses and the oldest helped me to prepare the family delicacy; a huge pot of Maryland Crab Soup. As usual, it was amazingly good. While we waited for the soup, there was plenty of time for chunky dunking.

Poppy doing what he does best...loving on his granddaughters

Poppy doing what he does best…loving on his granddaughters



All three gorgeous girls

All three gorgeous girls

Scarlett if a regular camera hog

Scarlett is a regular camera hog lol

Well, that does it for me. Back to the grind tomorrow. I have no worries that I’ll get this editing done. It’s just very disheartening that once I go through this book three or four times, I’ll still need a professional to work their magic and at the present time, I’m pretty much broke and have no idea when I’ll be able to afford one. Maybe that’s a contributing factor to my lagging pace. Oh well, at least I have so many other interests until I can afford a real live editor.

It’s all part of my fantastic voyage and for now, there’s no land in sight so I’ll just sit back and enjoy the view!

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