An Update on My #Pubslush and A Personal Commentary About the Literary #Crowdfunding Contraversy

I’ve posted several times here that I was fortunate enough to win my Pubslush campaign through a pitch contest for Pubslush and Booklogix. This isn’t something I set out to undertake but I figured due to my current financial situation, what did I have to lose? Creativity and the arts are something I am passionate about and I see absolutely nothing wrong with anyone trying to raise funds for their project–no matter what it is. If a person can raise thousands of dollars for potato salad…you know what I’m saying? People do it all of time for movies, businesses etc. Why not books?

Apparently, there are some authors out there who feel it is wrong to participate in crowdfunding in order to either publish your book or for whatever other reason you want to use the funds for. According to some, it is beneath them and they would never think of asking anyone to help them out. Well bully for you! Of course, the few I’ve seen say this are best selling authors who write full time and apparently do quite well and have for some time now. Unfortunately, many of us still have to work a day job and perhaps have just as much talent but lack the financial security to afford our own marketing. Some of us work our asses off just like you and still can’t make ends meet. So, does that still make us slackers in your book?

Why am I explaining myself? Why should I even have to?

What difference does it make how I fund the marketing for my book? That’s my business. It’s my choice and although you are entitled to your own condescending opinion, how dare any of you assume I don’t work my ass off in every aspect of my life, let alone my writing?

I don’t see anyone twisting arms for donations. Perhaps there are some people who may go about marketing it the wrong way but they don’t deserve to be publicly stoned for making bad choices…assuming of course they are bad to anyone but you. Here’s an example of a scenario that may help you see what I mean: You’re walking down the street and someone asks you for a dollar for whatever. Do you stop and say, “Get a job you loser!?”

Of course you don’t! You just keep walking if you don’t want to give.

Well basically, that is what these authors are saying about their peers. How about if you don’t want to donate, just walk on by or ignore the email or blog post? How about hitting the old delete button? How about not being so catty and self righteous about how people choose to go about their business?  How about not being so judgmental of others and making assumptions that this person or that person doesn’t work hard…just like you did/do? What about live and let live?

A while back, another best selling author pulled me aside and told me not to toot my own horn too loudly because there are some authors who will want to stuff a sock in it. I truly didn’t want to believe this but unfortunately, now I understand. To be honest, the majority of authors I have met or developed relationships with have been the most supportive, encouraging and generous souls I could have imagined. I’ll never allow a few bad apples to spoil my pie.

I’ve held this in for quite some time now and I have touched on it before but I finally saw and heard enough and I want the record to state that I’m not out here panhandling to fund my book marketing. I am a dedicated, hard working author who just happens to want to sell my books, quit my day job sooner rather than later and also be able to keep my lights on.

If crowdfunding books is something you don’t agree with then by all means, walk on by, there’s nothing to see here. But if you believe investing in someone like me is worth your hard earned dime, I appreciate you more than you know.

Can we all just get back to writing the best books we can and do what’s best for our readers? After all, they are the most important people in all of this.

Here is the link to my Pubslush and I’m damn proud of it!  

3 thoughts on “An Update on My #Pubslush and A Personal Commentary About the Literary #Crowdfunding Contraversy

  1. Very interesting. So people writers can ask for funds for things like. I don’t know, a new laptop, or other things, but to actually fund some marketing is a bad thing?
    Sorry best sellers and other scoffers. I simply see a fund like this as something similar to an advance on a book not yet written.
    I have other thoughts, but perhaps I will give more time to that another time.

    • What really sent me over the edge was when these authors described those who take part in crowdfunding as “Authors behaving badly,” simply because they are taking part in a crowdfunding campaign. Who is anyone to judge?

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