Tuesday Evenings With Esme – Did You See The Full #Moon?

My oldest granddaughter, Esme and I had the best time last night, even though all she wanted to do was play the Jake and the Neverland Pirates app on my iPad. I was fine with that because it reminds me of Mario Brothers.

She handed me the iPad and said, “Here MomMom, I downloaded this for you. I don’t like the music. It freaks me out!” Mind you, she’s only four. Then she proceeded to observe as I ran the gauntlet over and over beating every level while she sat watching and covering her ears and only uncovering them to give me a high five for each level I beat.

Then I taught her something funny…well I thought it was funny anyway. Her grandfather told me I was bad. 😉

I told her when I took her home, for her to ask her mother if she saw the full moon and if she says no, to turn around and shake her butt and say, “Well now you have!”

SHE DID IT! That’s my grandbaby!

Of course she made me do it too! 🙂



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