When Mother Was Bored aka Mother Loved to Redecorate

Here is 100% TRUE story #2.

Mom and Dad

Mother was always decor conscious and frequently enjoyed redecorating. Even if she was only changing up the pictures on the walls or hanging new curtains, she loved to spruce and paint. Painting was her favorite way of changing things up and she loved bright colors. This particular day’s project was a makeover for the first floor bathroom.

Mother’s revelation came because Daddy’s birthday was soon approaching–not that she needed an excuse but she decided to surprise him and paint it his favorite color.

Mother painted everything. She painted walls, ceiling, molding, frames, cabinets and even the toilet seat. Everything had to match.

During her afternoon of painting, curtain hanging and rug laying, she wore herself out and decided to take a break and lay down for a little nap on the sofa. About an hour later, she awoke to her name being called. She stirred from her rest and followed the calls.

Sure enough, it was her big fuzzy bear–my daddy, calling out to her from the bathroom. Daddy was one of the hairiest men I’ve ever seen…from neck to toes.

“Honey, what are you doing home so early?” she called to him through the door.

“Obviously, I had to use the bathroom,” he said through his teeth.

In her still slightly sleepy state, she had forgotten about her project, until she heard my Dad say, “Peggy, get the turpentine.”

Daddy’s favorite color was red…


They were so awesome!


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