Oysters, Fried Shrimp and Frozen Drinks

Another long and winding day here in N’awlins. Great food was found at Cafe du Monde — cafe au lait and beignets as well as a place called Felix ‘s. Oysters Rockefeller was outstanding! The fried shrimp and oyster platter was equally as delicious. We did some exploring in the pouring rain down to the Mississippi River and met a few interesting characters. Great people watching even in the rain.
Took 40 winks and hit the town again. We keep ending up at a place called Razzoo. 3 for 1 domestics during the day. Tonight we heard a totally awesome band named the Funky Monkeys. They played everything from Motown to Metal. The place was packed.

From Razzoo, we wandered up Bourbon Street to the Bourbon Cowboy. Fun little country place, complete with a mechanical bull. No, I did not ride the bull. I like my body on one piece. While hanging out upstairs in the balcony bar, we happened upon Tommy Chauvin of Swamp People just doing pretty much what we were doing. We chatted him up and did a shot. He was a very cool and down to earth guy. Well, it’s nearly 3am here so I’m off to rest up for tomorrow.











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