Is the Chateau LeMoyne in New Orleans Haunted ?


I’ll let you all be the judge. All I can say is I had no idea this hotel was listed as one of the most haunted in town. What I do know is that something or someone was in my bathroom early this morning doing what sounded like checking out the things on my sink vanity.

Then this happened.

18 thoughts on “Is the Chateau LeMoyne in New Orleans Haunted ?

  1. I’m glad I found this blog and video. I stayed in this hotel with my parents during our 2003 trip to the French Quarter. We stayed for three or four nights, and every single morning I woke up at 2am, feeling as though I was being watched. I turned on my lamp and didn’t go to sleep for a long time. I played on my new laptop or read. No sounds… just that feeling/energy that I wasn’t the only one awake. I’ve searched every now and then for other testimonials for Chataeu Lemoyne, and usually found nothing. Thank you for the video.

    • Thank you for your post Alex. As I said, oddly enough, I didn’t feel frightened at all. I slept like a baby that week. I don’t know what woke me that morning except for the sound of someone picking things up and putting them down in the bathroom. Then I saw the shadow. Before I took this video, I even walked in and saw nothing. My mind was telling me it was my imagination and even said, maybe it’s some kind of critter lol However, the video doesn’t lie, although a few people have scoffed at it but of course, they can give me no other explanation as to what is blocking out the bathroom light. I say, it is what it is and until someone can prove otherwise, I know what I heard and saw. I did ask it to stop and it did.

  2. I am so glad I found this. About 2 years ago I stayed here with my parent’s we were on the top floor and we had the wired feeling someone was watching us the whole time pluse we kept walking in cold spots . Well that night around midnight my mom was awoken by this strange coldness and there were these to floating orbes above the bed she freaked out woke up my dad who couldn’t believe his eyes needless to say we left the next day. But I am so glad I found this and it validates our experience!

    • Thank you Claire. I’m planning another trip to New Orleans next year and will definitely be staying at the Chateau Le Moyne. Like I said, I didn’t feel the least bit threatened by it and it did stop when I asked it to. People just will never believe these things happen unless they see it for themselves and even then, some will still not believe it. I can’t deny what I heard and saw. That’s why I taped it. I knew most people wouldn’t believe me. The orbs sound very cool though!

  3. Yea, it’s haunted alright. A few years back, a couple of years after Katrina, the hotel put my wife and I in a room on the second floor of the Creole Quarters. Around 3 am, my wife woke up suddenly to the feel of hands pressing down on her leg, then slowly moving up her leg. She was frozen with fear. She lightly moved her leg and it stopped. Then she said I kicked my leg under the covers (I’d sleep through an earthquake). The next morning we’re checking out and asked if anyone ever reports unusual things happening in that room. Without hesitation, “What happened to you?” My wife described the event, describing the whatever as “she”. “That isn’t a she, that’s a male. Those used to be slave quarters. He likes, shall we say, lighter skinned women”. The she told us of a Blackwater female security lady they put in that room one night after Katrina. She woke up to the feel of someone messaging her neck. Then the door flew open. She ran out, left the hotel, and wouldn’t come back. Then there’s the lady that walks through the walls on one of the floors where years ago there was a connecting hallway. She is evidently seen fairly frequently. I wish I could remember the floor, because we just checked in for the week and have a room on the fourth floor, at the end of the short hallway (Dauphine side). From the balcony, you can tell the fourth floor in the connecting building of the hotel is set just a little bit lower that our building. We’ll let you know if we have any unexpected guests this week.

    BTW, we Love this hotel and almost always stay here when we come to The Quarter. Just not in the Creole Quarters…ever again.

    Mike H.

    • Hi Mike,
      Thank you for your stories. Every time someone tells me of their experiences, I smile and miss the hotel that much more. I’m so jealous that you are there this week. I can’t wait until we can go back. I encourage everyone that stays there to keep their cell phones handy and just wait like I did. As I said, I wasn’t looking for anything. I just couldn’t sleep because of the clicking and tapping in the bathroom and decided to read on my Kindle on my phone and kept seeing the shadow in the bathroom out of the corner of my eye.
      The ghosts of the Chateau are not the least bit shy.

      Enjoy your visit!

  4. My friend and I are staying at the Hotel LeMoyne for the next few nights. Were interested in seeing your video, but it’s no longer on your web site. Could you email it to us?

  5. I’d say it’s haunted . I was just watching ID channel and saw a story about a priest being murdered there . This happened back in 1998 on the 5 th floor I believe.

    • Room 520..I didn’t know until I just STAYED in that room! A few odd things happened.. I felt my blanket being pulled out from under my knee, but the minute I jumped out of bed, it stopped. My friend and I both were startled awake on separate nights, like when you feel like you are falling- except neither of us were having a falling dream, nor was there any noise. I also went to look out the little window alcove, but the minute I stepped foot it in, I got a really bad feeling and backed off. But other than that, i felt relatively safe!

  6. O.K., we are staying at The Chateau LeyMone and at 2 a.m. this morning someone knocked on our door, I got up and looked through the peep hole, no one was there, so I went back to bed, 10 minutes or so later, another knock at the door, I got out of bed, looked out the peep hole, again, no one was there, this time, I stood looking through the peep hole for a good four minutes, nothing, so, I got back into bed, then again, another knock, again, no one was there. Tonight, I have verbally asked the ghost to not wake me up knocking on my door tonight.

  7. My Daughter just called me telling me her room is haunted. Room 213 I think. Lights turning off and then back on and knocking. I will give her this web site.

  8. We were upgraded to the Creole Quarters, when we stayed there a week in May 2016. Loved the hotel. Last 2 nights my BF kept telling me he felt like he was being watched. I felt nothing and slept like a log. Then I found this page when we got home. Nothing harmful at all. BF won’t stay here again, though. Hmmm. LOL

  9. I just got back from NOLA for a girls trip. We stayed here, in rooms 518 and 520 (adjoining rooms with the door open). The very first night, I felt someone sit down at the bottom of my bed. Everyone else was already in the bed, so it couldn’t have been anyone I was with. I also heard weird noises at night, but chalked that up to the ice machine that was right outside our door. I didn’t sleep well at all.

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