Book Review – Queen of my Nightmare (Uncharted Secrets, Book 2)

Last week, I posted my review of the first book in this series, Uncharted Secrets.

Uncharted Secrets

Queen of my Nightmare

I also interviewed the author, Cristi Taijeron and one of her main characters, the hunky and scrumptious, Mason Bentley. I read this book last weekend when I had some down time after Christmas (my gift to myself) and I started the third book in the series last night; Every Time it Rains.

I am so hooked!

My Review:

Again, a fabulous story told in such a way that you feel as if you are standing there beside the characters, watching it unfold.

A tumultuous love story set against a backdrop of violence and buccaneer life. This is the second book in the tale of Mason Bentley and Hannah; a passionate, brave and dare I say hot and sexy sea captain and his Queen. This book has the perfect mix of romance and action. Cristi is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors of this genre. Her dedication to historical accuracy and terminology speaks to what I can only imagine is countless hours of research. However, that’s what great authors of historical fiction do and she has definitely taken the time and care required to write pirate and buccaneer history perfectly.

The characters are genuine, the story line is engaging and the emotional connection sits you in the front car of a roller coaster but you don’t want to exit the ride.

Again, the writing is truly superb. From glorious descriptions of emotions and landscapes to the heart wrenching agony of the fear and death of battle, Cristi always finds the right words in the right order and colors them in such a poetic and beautiful way that is all her own.

I’m about to begin book three in the series and I can’t wait to find out what happens next!

Every Time it Rains

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